1. "Illustrated Dictionary of Essential Knowledge," Various, Readers Digest, 1995, 110.
PLYMOUTH BRETHREN Strict Protestant sect founded in Plymouth,Devon in 1830. Members follow a simple,devout way of life & look forward to the second coming & the millenium.
2. Admiralty, "ENGINE-ROOM ARTIFICERS," 23rd April, 1868, Navy List for 1870, Page 472 http://www.btinternet.com/~PBenyon/Navy_List_1870/Engineroom_Artificers.html.
Admiralty 23rd April, 1868.


Her Majesty having, by Her Order in Council of the 28th of March,
1868, authorized the employment of Mechanics in the engine-room of Her
Majesty's ships, in lieu of junior Engineer officers, and the
substitution of such Mechanics, with the rating of "Engine-room
artificer," for the present Chief stokers: their Lordships are pleased
to issue the following Regulations on the subject.


A candidate for the rating of Engine-room artificer must be either an
Engine-fitter, a Boiler-maker, a Smith, or a Coppersmith.

His age must not be less than 21, or more than 35 years.

He must be able to read and write sufficiently well to be competent to
note in the log the particulars of the particulars of the working of
engines and boilers; and he must be generally acquainted with the
names and uses of the principal parts of a marine engine.

He must undergo an examination by the Chief Engineer of the Dockyard
and the Inspector of Machinery afloat, in the presence of the Captain
of the Reserve; and if the candidate appears to be qualified, he is,
in the first instance, to he appointed as acting.

He is not to be confirmed until be has served 12 months and has passed
an examination: if at home by a Chief Engineer of a Dockyard and an
Inspector of Machinery afloat, in the presence of the Captain of the
Steam Reserve; or, if abroad, by an Inspector of Machinery afloat, or,
if there is no Inspector of Machinery afloat by 2 Chief Engineers in
the presence of the Captain of the ship in which the Engine-room
artificer may be serving.

He must understand the uses and management of the various gauges - of
the feed, injection, and blow-off cocks; he must know how to ascertain
the density and height of the water in the boilers, and what should be
done in the event of priming.

He mast also know how to regulate the water admitted for condensation;
what should be done in the event of water passing into the cylinders;
or of a bearing becoming heated; and how to act, on the occurrence of
any of the ordinary casualties of an engine-room.

He must also obtain a Certificate from his Captain that be is fit to
keep a watch in the engine-room, and is deserving of confirmation.

Pay: The pay of an Engine-room artificer to be:

5s. a-day for the first 3 years and 5s. 9d. a-day afterwards.

While acting the pay is to be the same as after confirmation, and if
confirmed, acting time to be allowed.

Rank: To be that of a Chief petty officer-in the place of the present
Chief stoker, which rating will now be abolished.

Mess: To mess with Masters-at-Arms, and other Chief petty officers.

Pensions: As Chief petty officers.

General: All Engine-room artificers must enter for continuous service.

They will be entered in the Steam Reserve, and kept employed as
Mechanics, or on such duties as Assistant-Engineers are now employed
on, so as to be always on full-pay; and when on board ships in
commission they will be employed in a similar manner.

Entries to be made by the Commanders-in-Chief at the Ports, and
confirmations to be made either at home or abroad, by the
Commander-in-Chief, or senior officer.

By command of their Lordships

To all Commanders-in-Chief, &c. HENRY G. LENNOX"

3. The marriage register of St.Paul's Anglican Cathedral in Valletta records
the marriage of:
Thomas Fenn Godfrey, 23 years, bachelor, ERA, Royal Navy, HMS Humber, son
of Charles Godfrey, Licenced Victualler, to,
Eliza Mary Ann Hawkins, 24 years, spinster, daughter of Mark Hawkins, Fitter.
Witnesses: S.H.Meek, J.H.Hornby.
9th December 1891

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Spoke to Aunt May (Tapp) the other night and she confirmed that Eliza and Rose taught in the dockyard school at Floriena, she said that as Mark was in the navy that is why he was in Malta.
9. "1851 Census," 79 Prospect Street Rotherhithe Surrey, 31/3/1851, email, Nicola Batmaz, 2/4/2002.
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12. Baptism Records for Christ Church, St. Marylebone baptisms 1836-1857 ref X097/265-6
Horwood's 1819 Map showing Gynn Place Lisson Grove west of Regents Park.
13. Godfrey Crespin, "Mark Hawkins," 26/1/2002, C;/mydocuments/familytree/hawkins.
Lillian Willcocks is pretty sure he didn't die in
UK, she thinks possibly in either Vienna or Malta.
From even when she was a baby she has no recollection of him and she said
"Gongon" never talked about him.

Apparently, and she is not sure whether it's true or not, but the story goes
that Elizabeth was a servant maid in Mark's family who became pregnant by him
and they then eloped.

I wonder if Eliza or Rose were the child involved?

14. "1861 Census," 5 Union Place Rotherhithe Surrey, 31/3/1861, Fiche Page 66 Rotherhithe / Southwark /Christchurch, Nicola Batmaz, 2/4/2002.
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Have doubled checked with Mum and she confirms that Sidney was the one who tied up with Armstrong to form Armstrong-Siddeley.
I think you are correct, there is no connection with Armstrong-Siddeley, went into the web site and the Siddeley is a "Siddeley", I think it has been one of those family things that has been passed down and totally distorted.

16. "The Concise Oxford Dictionary," Clarenden Press Oxford, 1990, 1282.
Toc H
A society originally of ex-servicemen & women,founded after WW1 for promoting Christian Fellowship & Social service[toc (former telegraphy code for t) + H for Talbot House a soldier's club established in Belgium in 1915]
17. From the Beccles Parish Records: Researched by Eillen & Tony Smith.
"He is down as being born to a Hannah Hambling nov 3 1818 bap nov 7 1818, also his name seems to be William George. To the left of the record is the name Moore, could this be fathers name?"
18. Maureen Moers-Hambling, "Hambling Family," 31/7/02, c:\mydocuments\familytree\hambling\albert george & descendents.
19. Tony & Eileen, "Trinity House Records," 23/3/2002, C:\mydocuments\family tree\hamblings\trinity records.
Made contact with Trinity House, Found 3 more Hambling's .
Arthur Frederick Hambling dob 25. 11. 1878----- son of Joshua, brother of Joshua A Hambling.
Ernest William John Hambling dob 13. 03. 1907
Herbert Frederick Edwin Hambling dob 29. 11. 1919
Herbert Anthony Charles Hambling dob 20. 12. 1943
The dates are from Trinity records so should be sound.The two Herbert's could be father and son.

20. "Marriage Certificate Edwin Robinson & Julia Lockwood."
21. "Census 1891," Dovercourt, 1891, RG 12/1402, Page 28, Schedule 171, Colchester Library.
22. Naval Record of Edwin Thomas Robinson.
Dark Hair, Brown Eyes,Ruddy Complection 5'6" tall.
HMS Spartan 1/1/1873-3/7/1875
HMS Cambridge 4/7/1875-14/8/1875
N.Barracks 15/8/1875-3/7/1877
HMS Osprey 4/5/1877-3/6/1881
HMS Excellent 4/6/1881-2/8/1881,4/2/1883-29/3/1883, 24/12/1886-11/4/1887
HMS Duncan 3/8/1881-3/2/1883
HMS Fantome 30/3/1883-23/12/1886

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R.G. 13 / 1698 folio 65
68 Manor Road, Dovercourt

Edwin Robinson Head 52 Worker in pier, Dock Labourer Barbados
Julia Robinson Wife 39
Suffolk Laxfield
Kate Robinson Dau 20 Servant
Essex Harwich
Rose Robinson Dau 18 Servant
Essex Harwich
James Robinson Son 10 School
Essex Dovercourt
William Robinson Son 8 School
Essex Dovercourt
Amelia Robinson Dau 5 School
Essex Dovercourt
George Robinson Son 10mth
Essex Dovercourt
James Lockwood visitor 29 d.e.e.d.r.g.s.
Suffolk Laxfield
Frances Lockwood (m) visitor 20
Glouces ?

24. "1881 Census," Ipswich St Mary Key, Suffolk, England, 1881, FHL Film 1341452 PRO Ref RG11 Piece 1873 Folio 49, Margar1813@aol.com <Margar1813@aol.com>, 9/12/01.
25. "Birth Certificate of Julia Lockwood," 7/4/1860, Ubbeston, Suffolk, Peter Lockwood.
26. Sorry to say that we mistyped some of the details on the 1901 census entry, Kate and Rose were
not enumerated as Essex Harwich, but Suffolk Ipswich as they should have been. Also the two
Lockwoods mentioned were husband and wife, we did not make that clear, sorry. Margaret has
now found the late baptism of Kathleen Eliza as follows.
Dovercourt St Augustine's, Baptisms, D/P 174/1/46
1904 April 25th, Kathleen Eliza, daughter of Edwin Thomas, a Navy Pensioner, and Julia
ROBINSON, both of 68 Manor Road. Born February 19th 1882.

27. "1881 Census," Hopkins Lane Harwich Essex, 31/3/1881, CD, Pamela Jansen, 27/12/2001.
28. "Marriage of John Lockwood & Naomi Aldous," 2/3/1863, St. Clements Parish Ipswich, Suffolk, Peter Lockwood.
29. Courtesy of Peter Lockwood
Re William Easy - there is the following baptism record at Laxfield:-

1819 - June 27th, William son of Marianne Easy of Laxfield, spinster

Marianne Easy then married Joseph Lockwood 25th January 1820 in Laxfield. So George Lockwood and William Easy had the same mother but the father of William is unknown. I think that the brother-in-law entered on the 1881 census was inaccurate - step-brother may have been more accurate.

Also you may be interested in the following Ubbeston baptism record:-

1838 - September 30th, Naomi daughter of Jonas & Eliza Aldis, late Elsey, of Ubbeston, labourer

30. Douglas Aldous, "Aldous Family Tree," 22/5/2002, Family Tree File-Aldous.
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I found Edwin Thomas Robinson among the garrison records. His birth date which was crossed was March 5, 1847 and his baptism at St.Paul's Chapel on March 26, 1847. His parents were Thomas and Caroline Robinson. Thomas was a sergeant of the Regiment of the R. Fusileers but there is no record of his wife's maiden name. I did not find a marriage record so he may have been married elsewhere. Neither was he on the voters' list for 1867.

33. "1851 Census," Hoxne district (HO107/1796/310), 3/31/1851, Film, Peter Lockwood, 1/1/2002.
34. Peter Lockwood, "Children of Whellem Lockard," 14/4/2002, c:\mydocuments\familytree\lockwood.
i. HANNAH2 LOCKWOOD (Source: Baptism - Parish Record, Laxfield - FC80 vol. 4, 29th May 1785.), b. Abt. 1785, Laxfield, Suffolk; d. Abt. January 1806, Laxfield, Suffolk (Source: Burial - Parish Record, Laxfield - 1806 FC80 Vol 6, Hannah daughter of William Lockard & Ann his wife, late Meadows, was buried January 2nd.).

Bapm: May 29, 1785, Laxfield, Suffolk

ii. ANN LOCKWOOD (Source: Baptism - Parish Record, Laxfield - FC80 vol 4, 21st June 1789.), b. Abt. 1789, Laxfield, Suffolk; d. Abt. January 1808, Laxfield, Suffolk (Source: Burial - Parish Record, Laxfield - 1808 FC80 vol 6, Ann Lockwood, daughter of ........ was buried January 10th aged 18.).

Bapm: June 21, 1789, Laxfield, Suffolk

2. iii. JOSEPH LOCKWOOD, b. Abt. 1795, Laxfield, Suffolk.

Generation No. 2

2. JOSEPH2 LOCKWOOD (WHELLEM1 LOCKARD) (Source: (1) Marriage Certificate, Marriage Certificate of son John who married in 1863 at St. Clements, Ipswich., (2) Census 1841, HO107/1035/13/25, Laxfield., (3) Census 1851, HO107/1796/310, Laxfield., (4) Census 1861, RG9/1153/23, Laxfield., (5) Baptism - Parish Record, FC80 vol 6, 1795 Joseph son of Lockwood Welham and Ann his wife late Meadows spinster April 12th.) was born Abt. 1795 in Laxfield, Suffolk. He married MARIANN EASY (Source: (1) Marriage -Parish Record, Marriage -Parish Record, FC80, Vol 10, Laxfield., (2) Census 1841, HO107/1025/13/25, Laxfield., (3) Census 1851, HO107/1796/310/45, Laxfield., (4) Census 1861, RG9/1152/97/25, Stradbroke.) January 25, 1820 in Laxfield, Suffolk (Source: (1) Marriage -Parish Record, FC80, Vol 10, LaxfieldWitnesses: William Bickers and Mary Atkins., (2) IGI, Batch M131652.).

35. 16 Jun 1822 baptised, born Jun 14 1822, George Lockwood of Joseph & Mary Ann Lockwood (late Easy spinster), of Laxfield, tailor (Ref FC80, Vol 9)

36. 25 Jan 1820 Joseph Lockwood married Marianne Easy in Laxfield (Ref FC80, Vol 10).

37. Peter Lockwood, "Mariann Easy," 14/4/2002, c:\mydocuments\familytree\lockwood.
1. She was known as Mary Ann at the time of the baptism of her son George in 1822 John in 1825. At the baptism of her son James in 1837 she was named as Marianne.

In 1841 census she was called Mary Anne and in 1851 census she was called Maria.

2. In 1861 census (RG9/1152/97/25) she was a housekeeper to William Easy on his fram in Stradbroke.

38. Jean Smith, "Easy & Lockwood family," 4/9/2003, c:\mydocuments\familytree\lockwood.
39. "Marriage Certificate Of Charles Frederick Flower," 1/12/1901, Christ Church, Rotherhithe,Surrey, MXB094110, Christ Church Column 146, Scan of Paper Copy, C:\mydocuments\familytree\flower\ancestors\charlesmarriagecert.
40. "1901 Census," Rotherhithe, Surrey, 31/3/1901, Online, Norm Flower, 10/10/2002.
41. Norm Flower, 16/2/2003, C:\mydocuments\familytree\flower, "Wedding records."
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43. Norm Flower, "Charles Flower death," 15/8/2002, c:\mydocuments\familytree\flower\ancestors\charlesflowermarriage cert.
The Commonwealth War Graves Commission site http://www.cwgc.org/ gave me a Charles Flower who died in WW1 " 3rd Bn. Somerset Light Infantry who died Sunday Feb 27 1916 Age 37" the age is out by one year as he was born in Feb 07 1880. It also says that he was the husband of E. A. Flower of Horn Hill Cannington, Bridgwater. Now, the marriage certificate says his wife was Emily Amelia (E A) so the only exception was the age.
44. Bev Penfold, "Robinson & White," 14/8/03, c:mydocuments\familytree\robinson.
45. Brian Fallon, "RAAF Career," 12/1/2002, btafallon@yahoo.com.
My RAAF career started in 1953 when I enlisted as an apprentice
spending the first three years in a NSW city by the
odd name of Wagga Wagga. At the end of the first
twelve months basic training I elected to become an
Instrument Fitter which covered a varied range of
equipment such as all the instruments you see in the
cockpit plus navigation euipment, bombsights,
gunsights, oxygen equipment and many other bits and
pieces. In 1959 I managed a posting to the Woomera
Rocket Range in South Australia where I worked on the
Jindivic pilotless target aircraft, some of which were
shot down or crashed but most returned to base. It
was a most enjoyable part of my career seeing surface
to air missiles doing their thing as well as surface
to surface rockets. In 1962 I was selected to be part
of an engineering team to travel overseas to learn
about the Mirage 3O aircraft purchased to replace the
Sabre. I spent four weeks in England where I was
able to arrange to meet up with Aunt Doris and her
family as well as my grandmother, Emily. Sadly I was
only able to see Emily on the one occasion my best
effort to see her a second time thwarted by one of the
London smogs.

From England I went to France for five months then to
New York for two weeks and finally to Ottawa for four
weeks. On return to Australia I was posted to a RAAF
base near Newcastle, NSW my task being to help set up
the maintenance test equipment as well as prepare
training notes and conduct lectures to ground and air
crew. In 1967 I went to Malaysia to set up a
duplicate maintenance facility in preparation for the
arrival of two Mirage Squadrons. Frances was there
and our first two children, Lisa and Neal, were born
in a British Army Hospital on Penang. Life in the
tropics was nice except for a couple of riots where
the Malays cleaned up a lot of the local Chinese which
caused curfews. We weren't allowed to even stand on
our front patio. We returned to Australia in 1969,
Melbourne, where I worked in an Engineering
administraive position until I retired in 1976.

46. "1851 Census," Parish Rotherhithe, Ecclesiastical District Christ Church, 31/3/1851, Fische, Norm Flower, Canada, 25/6/2002.
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49. "1891 census," 3 Bulls Cottages Churchyard Stowmarket, 31/3/1891, CD, Neil Langridge, 18/12/2001.
In this Census the name is spelt Jessop
50. "1891 census," 3 Bulls Cottages Churchyard Stowmarket, 31/3/1891, CD, Neil Langridge, 18/12/2001, In this census the name is spelt Jessop.
In this Census the name is spelt Jessop
51. "1881 census," Bulls Row Stowmarket Suffolk, 31/3/1881, Film FHL 1341448, PRO REf RG11 Piece 1851 Folio44, 12/2001.
52. Suffolk Chronicle, Suffolk, "In the Eye Area- Grand Old Lady of Wyverstone," 12.
53. "1881 Census," Smock Alley, Wyverstone Suffolk, 1881, CD, Pamela Jansen California, 12/12/2001.
54. Karen Harris, "Offord line," 8/1/2002, C:/mydocuments/familytree/offord/johnsline.
John Offord b 1772 m Mary Price b 1778 John being the 5th child of Robert and Susan (nee Howard) Offord. .
John b 1798 m Franci/es Alexander on 21st Sept 1818. John being 1st Son of John and Mary
(3rd child 2nd Son Robert b 1802 is where Robert Offord from Blofield line picks up)
John b 1822 m Rebecca ( nee Hudson) from Gislingham. John being 1st Son of John and Francis.
John b 1843 baptised 4th May 1845 m Eliza Parish John being 1st Son of John and Rebecca
Eliza b 14th June 1843 at Rattleden Father William Mother Eliza formerly Moore. Birth registered on 30th June 1843.
1.John/William born Bromley m Jemima Lummis in 1892?????
Only one child found James m Dolly Clarke but may have been a daughter.
2.George b 1867 Bromley m Mary Ann.
Lived at Needham Market (info got from Elizas Funeral report!)
Daughter Dorothy m Russell Sparrow.
Daughter Rebecca.
Son John b 1892 married unknown went to Wales d 4th June 1967 Numerous Children.
3.Edward b 1871 m Elizabeth (nee OFFORD) 1894 19th Sept.
Daughter Nellie m Art Bloom.
Lived at Cavendish.
b and d 1869
5.Robert b 1874 m Elsie Ellen
Policeman in Islington
But seemed to come back to Wyvestone for Daughters Christening 8th Aug 1897 Elsie.
6.Jane m Fred Arbon
Jane died 24th July 1953 b 1880
Fred died 5th July 1962
Rose Helen (Born b4 marriage) 24th Aug 1895 m Fred Bloom
Thomas b 1909 m Sarah Burrows 1st wife then Ruby Samms.
Oliver b 1910 m Dot?
Alec Arthur b 1911
Fred George b 1912 m Doris?
Nancy b 6th June 1916 m William Coleman.
Leonard b 7th May 1917 m Marjorie?
Evelyn b 26th June 1919. m John Chaplin
N.B. I have been in contact with EVELYN she and her Husband were living in HAUGHLEY abt this time last year.
7.Mary Ann (my grt grandma) b 1876-9? m George White from Beighton.
They lived at Burlingham between Grt Yarmouth and Norwich. For Mary Ann to be so far from home can only think she was "in service" in that area. They were married in Blofield (which by coincidence is where Robert Offord lives!) in 1899 and had 5 children Eva b 1899 Fred, Percy, Hilda Kate( my grandma)b 1905 and George.
8.Frances/Fanny m Russell?
Family moved to Coventry?
9.Richard b 1884 m Adelaide
Found a grave in Wyvestone Adelaide Offord died 7th Jan 1975 and her Son Richard aka as "Little Dick" died July 21st 1987. Remembered by his friends
10. Harry Offord m Laura May Rose

55. "1851 Census," Hartsmere, 1/4/1851, Scan, Peter "Bluepeter", 6/12/2003.
56. "1901 Census," Wyverstone Suffolk, 31/3/1901, Fiche, Lowestoft library, 23/1/02.
33 Potash Lane John 57 and Eliza 57 Still at home were Richard 17 and Harry 14

36 Potash Lane Eliza Widow 55 (presumably George's wife brother of our John)

27 Popes/Pages Barn? David Offord 35 Head Ag Lab Wife Mary 30 John 4 months
Harriet Widow Mother (not really sure who she is nor the family)

Potash Road Harry Offord Head 61 Hannah 63 William Thorndyke 17 Grandson
(don't know where this family fit in)

The Street George Offord Head 34 Occ Horseman on Farm Wife Mary 30 Son John 8 Daughter Rebecca 7 Daughter Ethel 1.(Son of John and Eliza)

Robswell Street Edward 30 Occ Horseman on Farm Wife Elizabeth 30 Daughter Ellen 6 (son of John and Eliza)

William/John?? 36 Wife Jemima 35 Ernest 7 Edwina 5 Robert 3 Months.
(Son of John and Eliza)

57. Karen Harris, "Anderson & Offord Family Tree," http://www.tribalpages.com/tribes?userid=karen19&view=0&pid=47, 14/4/2002.
58. "1881 Census," Bacton, Suffolk, 31/3/1881, email, Karen Harris, 24/12/2003.
59. Karen Harris, "Lengthman," 20/1/2002.
George White was a Lengthman.
He tended to the road, should imagine the main road from Yarmouth to Norwich but dont know exactly which was his patch..Putting sand in the ruts, Salt down if there had been snow, clearing debris and tending to the verges.

Mary Ann so have been informed tended to births and deaths in the village.

60. Karen Harris, "Offords Info.," 8/1/2002, C:/mydocuments/familytree/offord.
John and Eliza as far as I am aware had 10 children.
But Alice died 1869

Frederick Arbon married Jane Offord who had a daughter before marriage and was brought up by Eliza and John. Rose Helen b 24th Aug 1895.

61. "1891 census," 3 Bulls Cottages Churchyard Stowmarket, 31/3/1891, CD, Neil Langridge, 18/12/2001, In this census the name was mispelt Jessop.
In this Census the name is spelt Jessop
62. "Marriage Cert. of Edward Jessup & Amelia Day," 12/1873, Stow, Suffolk, 4a 1156, Free BMD.
63. John McLinden, "Jessups of Combs," 8/1/2002, C;/mydocuments/familytree/jessup/combs inf.
John Jessup singleman of the parish and Mary Bass singlewoman of the parish
married by banns on the 23rd June 1831 with William Bass and Thomas
Southgate, churchwarden, as the witnesses.

Mary Bass *MAY* have been born in Debenham in 1806 and baptised at the
Independent Chapel there. She was usually shown in the registers as Mary

5 May 1833 Hannah to John (shoemaker) & Mary Ann Jessup
31 Mar 1834 Robert [died 21 Feb 1835 aged 11 months] $
3 Apr 1836 William
21.Oct 1838 Robert
6 Dec 1846 Mary Ann +
6 Dec 1846 Emma
3 Dec 1848 Thomas
3 Dec 1848 Edward [died 22 Apr 1849 aged 11months]
5 Aug 1855 Edward
5 Oct 1856 Jane

The two gaps (1838-1846 and 1848-1855) suggest John may have been up to
something in these periods - soldiering, in prison etc. [standard sentence
was 7 years], perhaps worth investigating!

$ mother named just as Mary this time only
+ Mary Ann had an illegitimate daughter Amelia 3 Mar 1861, father not named.

64. "1891 census," 3 Bulls Cottages Churchyard Stowmarket, 31/3/1891, CD, Neil Langridge, 18/12/2001, Name mispelt Jessop.
In this Census the name is spelt Jessop
65. "1891 census," 3 Bulls Cottages Churchyard Stowmarket, 31/3/1891, CD, Neil Langridge, 18/12/2001, Mispelt Jessop.
In this Census the name is spelt Jessop
66. Peter Lockwood, "LOCKWOOD one family study," 1/1/2002, c:\mydocuments\familytree\lockwood.
The above two married in Wilby on 15 Nov 1810 and Sarah's maiden name was Noble. They had 7 children including Nehemiah who was born in Laxfield on 25th August 1825 and baptised there on 2nd November 1823.

67. Peter Lockwood, "William Lockwood & family," 25/10/2003, c:\mydocuments\familytree\lockwood.
68. "1881 Census," Walpole St. Walpole Suffolk, 1881, Pamela Jansen.
69. Bob Offord, "Mary Offord & others," 2/8/2002, C:\mydocuments\familytree\offord\mary & others.
1/ Mary was born on 30 Dec 1809, privately baptised on 31 Dec 1809, and received into church 1810. From the parish register. Incidently, she was baptised again together with her brother William on 11 Apr 1813, being the first entry in the new register. That register was still in use when I saw it some 20 years ago.
2/ The only Rebecca that I have is the daughter of Richard and Rebecca Orford, and she was baptised in Wyverstone on 4 July 1815.
3/ re John and Rebecca. From the National Burial Register, John was buried on 1 Jun 1896 at Wyverstone being aged 73. Rebecca was buried at the same place on 1 May 1893, being 74.
4/ I don't have a Susanan or a Harriet either . The boys you mention were baptised:-
George 24/1/1826 at Wesleyan Methodist, Diss, Norfolk(IGI)
Jeremiah 11/11/1828 " " "
james 30/5/1830 at Wyverstone(IGI)

70. Wyvestone Parish Fiche Provided by Karen Harris 14/1/2004
filed in familytree\offord
71. "1901 Census," Wyverstone Suffolk, 31/3/1901, Fiche, Lowestoft library, 23/1/02, Appears as Harry.
33 Potash Lane John 57 and Eliza 57 Still at home were Richard 17 and Harry 14

36 Potash Lane Eliza Widow 55 (presumably George's wife brother of our John)

27 Popes/Pages Barn? David Offord 35 Head Ag Lab Wife Mary 30 John 4 months
Harriet Widow Mother (not really sure who she is nor the family)

Potash Road Harry Offord Head 61 Hannah 63 William Thorndyke 17 Grandson
(don't know where this family fit in)

The Street George Offord Head 34 Occ Horseman on Farm Wife Mary 30 Son John 8 Daughter Rebecca 7 Daughter Ethel 1.(Son of John and Eliza)

Robswell Street Edward 30 Occ Horseman on Farm Wife Elizabeth 30 Daughter Ellen 6 (son of John and Eliza)

William/John?? 36 Wife Jemima 35 Ernest 7 Edwina 5 Robert 3 Months.
(Son of John and Eliza)

72. Family History of Robert Orford, 6/2/2002, Bob Offord.
73. Offords Henry (Harry), 9/7/2002, Mary Woodley.
74. Karen Harris, "The mystery of Harry/Henry/Harvy," 16/1/2004, c:\mydocuments\familytree\offord.
75. "1891 census," 3 Bulls Cottages Churchyard Stowmarket, 31/3/1891, CD, Neil Langridge, 18/12/2001, The name was mispelt Jessop.
In this Census the name is spelt Jessop
76. Coutesy of Eileen Adkins by email 7/1/2002
baptisms at Combs:
5 May 1833 Hannah daughter of John & Mary Ann JESSUP of Combs, shoemaker
31 Mar 1834 Robert son of John & Mary JESSUP of Combs, shoemaker
3 Apr 1836 William son of John & Mary Ann JESSUP of Combs, shoemaker
21 Oct 1838 Robert son ditto
6 Dec 1846 Mary Ann daughter ditto
6 Dec 1846 Emma daughter ditto
3 Dec 1848 Thomas son ditto
3 Dec 1848 Edward son ditto
There were no birthdates given and no suggestion that any of these children were twins.

Suffolk FHS marriage booklet John JESSIP married Mary BASS 23 Jun 1831 at Combs.

In the NBI for Combs burials:

21 Feb 1835 Robert JESSOP 11m Suffolk Combs, St Mary
22 Apr 1849 Edward JESSUP 11m Suffolk Combs, St Mary
14 Nov 1892 Jane JESSUP 57 Suffolk Combs, St Mary
29 Mar 1884 John JESSUP 74 Suffolk Combs, St Mary
11 Mar 1892 Mary Ann JESSUP 82 Suffolk Combs, St Mary

1844 White's trade directory where John is not shown at all but there are 2 boot & shoe makers in Combs.

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82. 05 Nov 1825 baptised, born Oct 30, John of Joseph & Mary Ann Lockwood (late Easy spinster), of Laxfield, tailor (Ref FC80, Vol 9)

83. 08 May 1837 baptised, born 27 Sep 1829, James son of Joseph & Marianne Lockwood of Laxfield, taylor (Ref FC80, Vol 9)

84. "Whellem Lockhard," Peter Lockwood, 14/4/2002, c:\mydocuments\familytree\lockwood.
1. WHELLEM1 LOCKARD was born Abt. 1750, and died Abt. July 1830 in Laxfield, Suffolk (Source: Burial - Parish Record, Laxfield - FC vol 8, Welham Lockwood of Parish House, Laxfield buried July 30th, age 80.). He married ANNE MEADOWS March 13, 1785 in Laxfield, Suffolk (Source: Marriage -Parish Record, 1785 - FC80 vol. 7, Whellum Lockard otp sm and Ann Meadoes otp sw married by banns 13th March. Neither signed. Witnesses: Barnabas Gibson. Thomas Shorts mark X.).

1. In 1785 on his marriage to Ann Meadows, he was known as Whellum Lockard. On the baptism of his daughter Hannah in 1785, his name was Whellem Lockard, and in 1789 when his daughter Ann was baptised, his name was Whellam Lockwood. In 1795 when his son Joseph was baptised, his name was Welham Lockwood as it was on his burial.

Buri: July 30, 1830, Laxfield, Suffolk

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Percy and Fred, Mary Anns Children moved to Coventry in the 30s I believe. I can remember my Nana Anderson telling me that she was evacuated there during the war, to stay with her brothers, and that she hated it that much she had to come home, also at the time she was pregnant with my Dad. Grandad Anderson had to go up to Coventry on the train and collect her, as he had only been to Norwich and Lowestoft should imagine it must have been like travelling to the other side of the world for him!

Auntie Doreen moved to Oswaldtwistle Lancs when she married Uncle Bill (Warnock) I dont know the reasons behind it have never asked her! But think he may have been stationed here during war etc and came from those parts. Also he was Catholic and not sure if Grandad Anderson approved! Her Party was in Liverpool as it was a central place for all her family members to get to. All her children lived at the time within a few hours driving....except us lot from Lowestoft who had to sit on a train for 6 hours!

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